TTS at ASE 2011

Association of Science Education 2011
Reading University – 6th to 8th January

Our Foundation team attended this 3 day Annual Association of Science Education Conference in Reading. TTS host the Primary room where Advisers, teachers and other delegates come for a hot drink, a warm seat and some riveting conversation. The delegates were ‘encouraged’ to look around the room at the array of exciting school resources we had placed on display. We chose to do this rather than exhibit with the other companies 120 companies (in a marquee) as it gives us quality time to demonstrate the products and chat about our 2400 new products with no real restriction on space.

This year we had over 500 delegates come and see the room and give us some incredibly positive feedback on the products and the catalogue.

TTS also sponsor the prizes for the Science Teacher of the Year awards where 7 of the leading science teachers are chosen from all over the UK, which also attracts hundreds of aspiring teachers and advisers. This gives us another great platform to talk to teachers and visiting schools of excellence and tell that about our great products. The show was closed this year by David Attenborough.

Putting all this together makes for a an ideal platform to launch the new year and make our School Science Resources catalogue even better than the last!

Our Foundation Team is made up of PE, PSHE, Music, Geography, History, D&T, Science and Eco Education.image

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