Childminding - Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is a wonderful time of year when the cold winter is fast disappearing and signs of new life are emerging. It is a great time to explore as the new season brings forth a host of fantastic learning opportunities. The weather may bring challenges but with the right clothing and a positive attitude, there are possibilities for experiences that are unique to this special time of year.

So wrap up warm and go on a spring treasure hunt. Look for the changes that are taking place around you. Are there any Snowdrops peeking through the earth or buds on branches starting to appear? Looking for green shoots and other signs of spring can really engage children and enable them to be mini detectives. It is not often that we take time to really stop and reflect, so let them do just that! Give them magnifying glasses and bug viewers. Take photographs each day and compare and contrast the changes. Nature really does provide a richness of things to see, touch and smell.

The birds will also start to be busy with their nesting. Have an easy identification chart at hand so the visiting birds can be named. Also make sure there is a well stocked bird table. Children like to feed the birds and observe them as they eat their tasty meals. There are feeders that can be placed on windows as well as cameras installed into bird boxes. Look out for signs of insects and other creatures emerging after their long winter sleep. Have a go at making mini beast habitats. Learn how to attract butterflies, bees and ladybirds to your settings. Keep an eye on which dwellings are the first to be inhabited. If you are lucky enough to have a pond, why not introduce this fascinating area which is teaming with interesting wildlife into learning.

Setting aside an area for growing things can be really beneficial. Choose plants that are hardy and quick to germinate. Plant a variety of plants from tomatoes to giant sunflowers! It’s even better if you can go on to eat your own crop so the children can see it from seed to plate. If you do not have a garden area be creative with an assortment of planters.

Build a scarecrow in the garden. We offer a wonderful scarecrow priced at £34.95. Collect adult sized clothing, a shirt, jeans, jacket, gloves and hey presto the children have a wonderful new companion to join in outdoor fun. There is no limit to dressing the scarecrow; you can dress it in other costumes, a superhero, a pirate or Little Bo Peep to name just a few! You can also theme the garden area’s with ideas from popular books or nursery rhymes such as Mary Mary Quite Contrary and have shells and pretty maids in a row.

Spring is a exciting time of year to participate in fun activities and learn about all the new changes that come with the season. Rebirth is amongst the most common themes, with baby animals being born, flowers poking through the ground and new colours showing through. When Spring has sprung there are always lots of new and interesting things to discover.

Scarecrow Sam


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